Aero monitoring
of technical condition and engineering systems safety
Punctured insulators, electrical leackage, background radiation
Contact lines, substations,
roadbed heating etc.
Oil and Gas Industry
Connections, leaks, fractures, dangerous gases detection etc.
Detection of plants height, stem diameter, leaves width etc.
Detection of areas where fires originate
Detection of holes in road carpet

Our company

LLC AviaEngineering is a Russian Company that specializes in noncontact monitoring of integrity and accuracy of engineering structures operation, electricity, power line, oil and gas pipelines systems. We also provide monitoring of forestry, agriculture and other facilities to prevent emergency situations, major accidents and fires. Provided facility condition reports help to make timely and right decisions for achieving our goals.

In order to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of monitoring and also make you better acquainted with our company work and ways of diagnosis, we organize a trial flight above the area of your choice. During the flight, technical condition and systems correct operation of engineering structures defined.

According to the results of monitoring, the after action report, that shows all faults of the chosen area, compiled.

Trial Flight
Make sure the system is effective. Book a trial flight
Full report
Condition of monitored object report
High speed
Monitoring of more than 300 miles of territory in just 4 hours

All around Russia
Taking off from private airfields in any part of Russia
Airfields map
Aircraft of our own
We have 26 ready to fly aircraft
Aircraft images
Equipment of our own
We have unique equipment unlike anything in Russia
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